TinkaTinka is a collaboration between Florian Gmeiner and Dror Stavisky.

Together we build apps and create animations, providing complete creative solutions from concept, development to implementation and maintenance.

Our line of expertise include: Software development for mobile devices, Mac OS X and the Web (front- and backend), Web design, Art Direction and Branding, Motion Graphics Design, 2D and 3D Animation, Film Compositing and VFX.

Florian develops applications for Unix, MacOS X, mobile devices and the web. He has a PhD in theoretical physics and works as a freelance programmer since 1996. He joined TinkaTinka in 2012.

Although known for his cool, there have been reports of him losing it over a Bayern Munich game.

Dror is the founder of TinkaTinka. For the past years he has been working as an Creative Director and motion graphic designer.

Dror has been a member in several imaginary bands, including "Chihuahua Zombie" and "Death by Bunnies", to name a few.